Your current security is already out of date

You know that your business is at risk from computer virus attacks and you think you have it covered in your desktop virus package - well, chances are that you are not protected!. Every month over 600 new and variant viruses are found, and the bulk of these arrive as attachments in your email. In order to catch all those viruses you need a program that checks your system every 10 minutes - 24 hours a day 7 days a week, using the best available software available in the world.

EmailCloud is the solution that delivers this incredible level of service right to your door.

As a complete solution to virus attack EmailCloud works in tandem with your current anti-virus desktop product to ensure that you have the best cover available, and it requires no extra work - just sign-on and provide the email addresses to be covered, its really that simple!

The Virus Protection System

EmailCloud works by rerouting all your inbound through its own secure servers, where they are scanned by our proprietary Virus Protection System.

Using the very latest in virus prevention technology, the system it is constantly updating to give your company the best known firewall against attack. You don't have to buy any software. You just pay for the service as you use it, safe in the knowledge that it will never go out of date and never leave you unprotected.

Anti-virus scanning per Domain Name

  • £5 excl VAT for 7 email addresses
  • £10 excl VAT for 14 email addresses
  • £15 excl VAT for 21 email addresses
  • £20 excl VAT for 30 email addresses
  • £25 excl VAT for 45 email addresses
  • £30 excl VAT for 50+ email addresses
  • SMTP Mail queue - £5.00+VAT (£5.88 Inc. VAT) per month


Service quality assurances
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