CCSW have been providing web space for companies for many years at our Cardiff based offices. Our technical staff personally look after your hosted web sites, we are  a company with is own Internet backbone in Cardiff.

CCSW web servers are Windows Servers. All our servers are located in a fully air condition area, with UPS backups and high security access.

Our technical staff our able to help you with all your hosting requires and give advice on the best way to host any site.

CCSW can offer you the latest modular approach to implementing your web-site. To make things as efficient and flexible as possible you just simple choose the services you require to assist the development of your web-site.

The various Desktop software solutions on offer from the major suppliers, such as Norton Utilities, Dr. Solomon and McAfee are only effective against known viruses at the time of production. As up to 600 new viruses or variants emerge every month, these products are quickly out of date unless updated every few hours.

EmailCloud goes on working indefinitely - 24/7/365 - because we don't sell you a one-off package.

Cyber Sentry protects your network by rerouting all e-mail through our Virus Protection System which is constantly being improved to respond to the latest virus threat.

We have over 100,000 viruses on file and are adding to that total all the time. When you opt for our service we will defend you against threats from virus attack every minute of every day.


Contact Information

Custom Computer Services Wales Ltd
Priory House
Beignon Close
Ocean Way
CF24 5PB
Registered in England & Wales No 03366720
VAT No: GB 666 8895 56

Tel: 03330 144 544
Fax: 029 2099 0367
Email: enquiries [at] ccsw [dot] co [dot] uk

Do CCSW provide antispam & virus protetcion?

Absolutely, the Cyber Sentry Virus Screen is the most advanced virus screening system in the world. Based on advanced scalable architecture our system provides protection for an unlimited number of emails.

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Can CCSW offer a hosting package to suit me?

Absolutely, CCSW can offer you the latest modular approach to implementing your web-site.

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Service quality assurances
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